The Right Tires

Price Match Promise


Find the right winter tires at the right price and with our Price Match Promise, if you find a lower advertised price from one of our competitors, we'll match it49.

Winter Performance

Winter Performance

Take on winter with confidence. Get the right tires, rims and sensors all in one convenient package56.

Tire Mail-In Rebate

Tire Mail-In Rebate

Get up to $100 tire-manufacturer mail-in rebates50 on qualifying purchases. Talk to your Ford dealer for more information.

Understanding Tires

Tire Care


Tires are engineered to deliver optimal performance and handling geared to your specific vehicle and driving habits.
Naturally, you want your tires to last as long as they can. One of the ways to extend the life of tires is through proper care and maintenance, which is also important for safe operation, and may even help improve fuel efficiency.

Tire Tread Depth


Tires should be replaced when tread depth is 1/16" (2mm). Here's an easy way to check your tread depth with a toonie. Slip the toonie in between the tread blocks. If the silver part of the toonie is covered, your tires are about half worn. If it only reaches the word 'CANADA' or 'DOLLARS', it's time to replace your tires.

Sidewall Wear & Tear


While tread depth is an important indication of tire wear, some signs can also appear on the sidewall. It's important to check the sidewalls regularly for bulges and cracks as these can lead to slow leaks or even a blowout when driving at high speeds.
Sidewall cracks and bulges can occur after driving over potholes or hitting a curb.

The Right Tires for Every Ford. And Every Climate.

Winter Tires


When the temperature dips below 7oC, it's time for winter tires. The rubber compounds remain flexible even in extremely cold temperatures, allowing the tire to grip the road better. Plus, tread designs with larger gaps help provide increased traction on slush, snow and ice.
All winter tires come with a mountain snowflake symbol to let you know they meet specific traction performance requirements set by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.

Performance Tires


Sometimes called summer tires, performance tires are designed to give increased handling, superior traction, cornering and braking in certain dry and wet warm weather. They feature unique tread patterns, construction features, and rubber compounds to help provide enhanced precision and responsiveness. One of the most visible features that can help you spot a performance tire is the short, low profile sidewall.

All-Season Tires


All-season tires help provide versatile traction for certain wet, dry and lightly snow-covered roads. Grooves in the tread help disperse water to help improve grip. All-season tires are designed to perform well in a variety of conditions, but because of this, they won't provide the same amount of extreme grip and sharp handling of a performance tire, nor the ability to trek through deep snow or drive on ice. They're kind of like the jack-of-all-trades of tires.

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